RF again blocked the work of the subgroup in the TCG

Photo: Facebook / Sergey Garmash

Russian Federation “scored” on all international law – Garmash

Russia continues to block the opening of checkpoints and the exchange of detainees and refuses to discuss the “Steinmeier formula.”

During a meeting of the humanitarian subgroup of the Trilateral Contact Group (TCG) on resolving the situation in Donbass, the Russian side again blocked work and refused to discuss the implementation of the “Steinmeier formula”, which it itself had insisted on earlier. About it reported member of the Ukrainian delegation to the TCG Sergey Garmash.

“Moscow can no longer think of reasons to block the opening of the checkpoint and the exchange of detainees, so it decided to block the very humanitarian work group of the TKG, where these issues are being discussed. It did not do it in an original way – by sending there the terrorist Pirogova, whose presence had previously blocked the work of the political slave group.” , – wrote Garmash on Facebook.

He noted that the Russian side wanted to disrupt the discussion and, accordingly, the subsequent implementation of the “Steinmeier formula.”

“Ukraine and even the OSCE moderator insisted on this, but Moscow and Co. stubbornly stated that this is a secondary issue and they want to discuss a certain” action plan “presented by ORDLO, and not formulas or laws,” Garmash said.

According to him, Moscow has been striving for eight years for Kiev to begin discussing the ORDLO “action plan”. And this means Ukraine’s recognition of their subjectivity in the negotiations.

Garmash also noted that the Russians “scored” on all international law. ”

“And how else to consider the creation of an opportunity and the call to come and” vote “in the elections to the Russian State Duma in” information centers “located on the territory of Ukraine? What kind of diplomacy can be with people who do not care about everything, for whom there are no rules? – emphasized Sergey Garmash.

TCG: The decision of the Russian Federation on the OSCE violates the conditions of “Minsk”

We will remind that before that the work of the humanitarian subgroup of the TCG in Donbass was thwarted on August 25.

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