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Preliminary CM 2022 Level 6. Schedule, results, standings, highlights. Holland

On Tuesday, September 7 and Wednesday, September 8, the matches of the 6th opening day of CM 2022, the European Zone, are scheduled starting this weekend, with the last of the three sports teams in September and returning to the regular level of the intern. championship.

CM 2022, a pioneering phase 6 project in the European region

Tuesday September 7

Group A

The time is now 7:00 p.m. Azerbaijan – Portugal

Time 21:45 Ireland – Serbia

Stays in Luxembourg

Group D, 9:45 pm

Bosnia and Herzegovina – Kazakhstan

France – Finland

Stays in Ukraine

Group F, now 21:45

Denmark – Israel

Austria – Scotland

Faroe Islands – Moldova

Group G, Ora 21:45

Netherlands – Turkey

Norway – Gibraltar

Montenegro – Latvia

Group H 21:45 h.

Russia – Malta

Slovakia – Cyprus

Croatia – Slovenia

Wednesday September 8

Group B, 9:45 pm

Greece – Sweden

Kosovo – Spain

Georgia depends

Group C, 9:45 p.m.

Italy – Lithuania

Northern Ireland – Switzerland

Stays in Bulgaria

Group E, Now 9:45 PM

Belarus – Belgium

Wales – Estonia

Depends on the Czech Republic

Group I, Arado 21:45

Poland – England

Hungary – Andorra

Albania – San Marino

Group J, 9:45 p.m.

The time is now 7:00 p.m. Armenia – Liechtenstein

Macedonia de Nord – Romania

Iceland – Germany

The good news for us is that the Romanian team managed to add six points in the first two games they played, winning by the same score, 2-0, ahead of Reykjavik, Iceland, after the home tour of Liechtenstein and Skopje, the Main game of the battle for second place, Dam Location, the leading group in Germany.

In Group A, the rivalry between Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal and Sergei Milinkovic-Savix’s Serbia is even more exciting. He missed the bullet in the first home game against Ireland, leading until the 89th minute, when CR7 tied and in the sixth minute of extra time they also claimed an unexpected victory. Now, the Portuguese will play in Azerbaijan on Tuesday, and Serbia will head to Dublin to face Ireland.

Very difficult trip to Sweden, Thessaloniki

Group B matches take place on Wednesday. The war is between Sweden and Spain, and this time, after a direct victory in Stockholm, the Nordics faced the Iberians. It is followed by Kosovo – Spain and Greece – Sweden, a very important moment, because if Sweden is confused with the Greeks, Spain can take advantage. Only the victory of the Nordics can keep them as leaders, but it is very difficult to win on the ground in Greece.

Group C also takes place on Wednesday. After being painted white in Switzerland, Italy set a new world record at the national team level, unbeaten in 36 matches, as they missed a Giorgino penalty, but it is not certain that they will take first place in the group, probably returning home to Switzerland in the final. Switzerland did not have an easy game in Northern Ireland, while Assouri returns home from Lithuania.

France forced to beat Finland

Group D is played on Tuesday. France drew Ukraine 1-1 at home in Bosnia and 1-1 in Kiev. Finland will now visit the World Champion. France has 9 points, but has five games, while the Nordics have 5 points, similar to Ukraine, but only 3 games. In the same group, Bosnia and Herzegovina play at home with Kazakhstan.

Belgium is in Group E, a qualifying method. The Red Devils head to Belarus on Wednesday for another show of strength and Wales is home to Estonian favorite Gareth Bale, who won only in Belarus alone, as the Czech Republic is free, and the second tier of his equipment where they can pass.

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