Review of Elvis, the most dazzling biopic (available on TRUEID)

Hi, I’m “Nong Pumpkin” as always, today I will be reviewing a biopic that many agencies cite as the best film of the year 2022 in “ELVIS”.

Elvis Elvis is another director’s masterpiece.Bach Lehmann “ This has created a luxurious fantasy world with many dazzling gimmicks “The Great Gatsby I love you so much”, “Moulin Rouge!” and “Romeo + Juliet”. Along with a new wave of young actors who will wear the spirit of Elvis is Austin Butler from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood opposite Tom Hanks from Forrest Gump and Saving Private Ryan.

elvis Elvis is the life story of the legendary rock and roll artist who has hit the world of all time. Elvis Presley (played by Austin Butler) A young man who grew up in a black society in Tupelo, Mississippi. And it was the beginning that he was inspired and fascinated by music. Growing up, he met Tom Parker (played byTom Hanks) Colonel who saw so incredible potential in Elwes decided to become his personal manager. The life path between Elvis and Tom is about to change their lives forever.

Elvis First of all, I’m not a huge Elvis fan. After hearing his songs through my ears But when I saw this trailer, it turned out to be amazing. until I got a ticket to see it at the theater myself

The feeling after seeing the end, let me tell you I am very impressed. Starting with the narrative, it doesn’t seem boring at all. Including montage in the story is full of dazzling and flashy together. But the strange thing is that most of the story is a story from Tom Parker’s perspective, which is the main story that will be told since he made it a rock and roll. until Elvis left But he was seriously ill and was branded as a money man who humiliated Elvis. I still thought about him for 20 years and the film tells the story of Elvis’ true self. He was bold, progressive, unconventional and revolutionized the music industry. until the political earthquake. As for the performance, I would appreciate it. osTin butler Because he can take on the role of Elvis as if to bring him back to life.

Elvis In addition to having an interesting story to follow, the background music in the story is also considered interesting. There are also songs by young artists like Doja Kate, Eminem, Kacey Musgraves and many others to integrate perfectly with a song from the singer’s voice Austin Butler It is also included on the soundtrack album. Let me tell you that even after seeing it all the way to the end of the theater, the song is still etched in my head. You can try listening to the most impressive songs here.

And another important thing is to create a series of costumes that come out beautifully and really match the events of that era. Unfortunately, we can’t even tell if the footage we see on screen is real or that of the actor.

ElvisElvis Conclusion – The movie “ELVIS” is a genre of biopic that although not a fan or knows Elvis. You can enjoy movies and beautiful songs. With the 159-minute long film, it doesn’t seem like it’s too long and boring. It’s full of dazzling and mesmerizing storytelling methods and it’s fascinating to trace his life path in detail. Until it becomes another film where it is very difficult to find fault.