S. Yok Lek Thai Joins to Welcome Coach Noppadon to the rank of Second Lieutenant, tutoring athletes for World Wars

S. Yok Lek Thai Joins to Welcome Coach Noppadon to the rank of Second Lieutenant, tutoring athletes for World Wars

Thailand Amateur Weightlifting Association Congratulations to Sergeant Major Noppadon Wanwang, Thai national weightlifting coach. who was decorated with the rank of “Lieutenant Noppadon Wanwang” as the person revealed After this, he will return to his duties as a coach. Intensive tutoring of athletes for participation in the World Weightlifting Championships Between 5 and 16 December 2022

“Big Prach” Prachya Kiratinan, president of the Amateur Weightlifting Association of Thailand, revealed that from “Coach Mass” Sergeant Noppadon Wanwang, under Colonel Pattana 3, Chiang Mai Province, Pattana 3 Police Station, Phitsanulok, participated in training for military officers promoted to become a commissioned officer, class 49 (Sep 2) of fiscal year 2022, August 1 to 31, 2022 at the Thanarat Field Training Center, Pranburi District , province. Prachuap Khiri Khan Until It’s Done Right More recently, on September 23 last year, Lieutenant Colonel Watcharin Saikaew, Commander-in-Chief Colonel Pattana 3, held the rank of second lieutenant for newly commissioned officers. It is considered a joyful story for Noppadon and his family.

“I, on behalf of the Weightlifting Association Congratulations to Lt. Noppadon Wanwang for being promoted this time, Coach Mas is a good example. Whether you are an athlete or while you are a coach. because he’s disciplined Responsible for young athletes looks like a role model We can’t be good at it. There must also be discipline, “said the president of the Weightlifting Sports Association.

Alongside “Coach Mas”, Lt. Noppadon Wanwang said he thanked all sectors for supporting and pushing himself to be today. Thanks to the Thai Weightlifting Association for giving me the opportunity and always supporting me. From athlete to coach today, and thanks to the Royal Thai Army, Commander of the Pattana 3 Brigade and Commander Pattana 3

“After this, I will return to work as a trainer at best because the association has a great event waiting for me. it is the world weightlifting championship in Colombia in December which is a very important element As it is the selection of athletes for the 2024 Olympics, please let Thai sports fans cheer on Thai athletes as well. “

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