Reveal real pictures of the Samsung Galaxy S21 by international blogger before launching tonight

As you know Samsung Galaxy S21 Ready to be unveiled tonight There are still images coming out continuously. Recently, there is one blogger on the world Twitter called @We_The_Techies Revealed the real picture of these 3 models come out

The picture is not much different from the previous leaked image. And the device is slightly thinner than the Galaxy Note20 Ultra and the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The back of Samsung Galaxy S21 The starter will come with Glassic and have a power adapter inside the box, but no confirmation of the MicroSD slot has yet been confirmed until a Twitter image reveals that this model will not be able to add memory. The price of the Galaxy S21 Ultra will start at no more than 1,200 US dollars.

However, this mobile phone is ready to be revealed on January 14 or tonight. What will be the price? Have to wait and continue to follow

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