Volkswagen, the electric future. In 2020 deliveries to the stars

Volkswagen is investing a lot in the electric, and the results are visible. CEO Ralf Brandstätter defines 2020 as “the turning point“for the company, with the 158% more of deliveries of battery-powered cars compared to 2019 (212,000 units). This result is even more evident if only 100% electric vehicles are taken as a reference: 134,000 (it is a “of which” of the 212,000 units listed above), equal to a increase on an annual basis of 197%.

We are on the right track to our goal of becoming the market leader in battery powered cars. More than anyone else, Volkswagen offers electric mobility that is attractive and affordable for many customers.

explained the CEO.

However, the positive trend is not recorded if we take into account the deliveries of cars with all power supplies. Despite l annus horribilis, But, the decline was content at 15% compared to 2019, thanks to a slight recovery at the end of the year which reported the number of deliveries just below that recorded the previous year.

12.4% of the cars delivered by Volkswagen on the market are electric and hybrid. This is a very important increase, considering that in 2019 they represented just 2.3%. IS’ la ID.3 the most popular car of the German brand with 56,000 units sold, followed by e-Golf with 41,300 and Passat GTE (24,000). Consider that in Sweden the ID.3 was the absolute best-selling car of December. Also referring to the last month of the year, the compact VW was the sixth best-selling electric car in Italy.

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