Retrograde Mercury brings good luck to thinking people

As the planet moves backwards, fools will be revealed, as will hidden scams

Retrograde Mercury does not always portend trouble. The planet turned around on May 30 and there is nothing scary about it, nor is it a harbinger of bad news, the director Stilian Ivanov is categorical. “Three times a year, Mercury is retrograde in 20 days. This is the most insignificant of them “, explains Ivanov, who besides being a director is also the author of the book” Astrological Guide “.

Not only will it not fail, but it will benefit thinking people. “Retrograde Mercury expresses the element of the constellation Virgo, and in its right course – the constellation Gemini. Now that he’s retrograde in Gemini, he’s actually balancing. As in mathematics – the plus and the minus are equalized “, says Ivanov.

He points out that there is a huge advantage to changing the direction of the planet’s motion. “Every year at this time, Mercury makes fools more visible than ever. This is because in its retrograde course the planet expresses the element of Virgo, which is connected with the analysis, with the insight into things “, says Ivanov. Its right-hand movement is associated with gliding on the surface of events, phenomena and relationships.

“We need retrograde Mercury. It can be extremely useful because it makes people think, making them difficult. One will not start thinking if everything goes well for him “, says the director.

In fact, retrograde Mercury can be taken as a synonym for deep thought. Proof is last year. “It was a prerequisite for all the events of July, August, September … In May and June, when it was retrograde, it gave the fools confidence that their numbers would continue to pass. He will do the same now. The fool will become even more arrogant and the probability of making mistakes that will ruin him completely is huge, “explains the director.

This year, retrograde Mercury ends on June 23, shortly before the July 11 parliamentary elections. “Then the fool becomes especially visible. The reason for this is that traditionally he does not like to delve into his thinking “, says Ivanov.

Characteristic of the planet, when it moves in a straight line, are the lies, the deceptions, the manipulations, the substitution of the truth. If he turns it around, he makes it visible to all dishonest transactions, whether it’s banking scams, illegal wiretapping, etc. Communication is under the direct influence of Mercury. Therefore, it may not be a coincidence that the scandal with the SRS and the wiretaps has just started.

Almost every year the planet becomes retrograde in the sign of Gemini. “Everything in life has a rhythm, there is repetition – as there is day and night. We really want each year to be unique, to make things different from others. No, life is a school – this is the point of view of true astrology, which is self-knowledge. The other is called speculative astrology – of charlatans “, clarifies Ivanov.

There are lessons in the first. “They are taught to you until you learn them. Only after one is the next. Just because you learned first doesn’t mean you’re going on vacation. From the point of view of astrology, vacation is the moment when the spirit and the soul leave the body. Some people call it death, but this word is extremely loaded with negative energy and people do not like it “, adds Ivanov.

Repeatability is normal in nature itself. “Every year the sun enters a certain sign on a certain day and with it, at no more than 30 degrees, stand Mercury and Venus. The first planet expresses the thoughts of man, and the second – the feelings. The sun is his spirit. Imagine – a person travels from constellation to constellation with his thoughts and feelings. Nothing different can happen to him unless he has learned his lesson, ”explains the director.

That’s why stupid people will continue to lose both last year during retrograde Mercury and this one. Whoever has made wrong deals will repeat them. “If someone decides that because the planet has reversed its course, it can easily deceive and lie, it is a great delusion. It can’t happen. They tried last year, but the number didn’t work. This affects politics, the economy, culture – the whole spectrum of society, “explains Ivanov.

He is adamant that the policy area will be the most sensitive. “Throughout the year in the sign of Aquarius are Jupiter and Saturn. Aquarius symbolizes high politics, which supports laws, humanity and equality. This sign says: “All people have equal rights”, the director explains. That is why the representatives of politics who uphold these principles will succeed. “The collapse of the politicians in Bulgaria is already visible because they did not defend the humanitarian principles,” Ivanov said.

Saturn is also responsible for their collapse. “The planet is the just judge, and Jupiter is the Roman name of the god Zeus – the one who takes care of equality between people.” That is why the two planets in Aquarius bring a change mostly in political life.

People who have done tricks will have a long life. The reason is that when Saturn gives retribution, it lasts a long time. Those in such a situation usually want it to go away as quickly as possible. “The planet holds a long thread of life so that one can realize how much suffering he has caused with his actions,” says Ivanov.

Saturn will be in the constellation of Aquarius for 2 and a half years, ie until the middle of 2023. “Anyone who touches politics with unclean intentions and tries to justify and protect someone who is a tyrant will fail. . The self-forgotten politicians, who at that time overeat and drank at that time, now still have the same image “, the director explains.

The third retrograde Mercury for 2021 will begin on September 27. “It will be very interesting because the sun will be in Libra. Then it is worthwhile to realize many things – says Ivanov – Partnerships will be affected, ie how we are responsible for those next to us – with whom we work or live. Many of the hidden and obscured problems in business, politics, the family will become visible “, the director explains.



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