Retirement pension without tax – calculations. So much for retirees now [kwoty – 24.05.2021]

A pensioner with a pension of 2.5 thousand. It will save about PLN 2,000 per year. See how much the tax-free pensions announced by the PiS government are to be.

Pensions without tax? See what you need to know!

As part of the Polish Deal, the tax system is to be changed. The new tax-free amount is to be PLN 30,000. This means that 65% of retirees and people with the lowest wages will be exempt from tax. Zero tax will also be on the minimum wage. This is a tax revolution for 18 million taxes.

Morawiecki added: – We want those pensioners who will not receive their old-age pensions, not to pay taxes. It is an incentive for those who can and want to work.

Retirement pension without tax – net and gross calculations

Tax changes are to be implemented later this year. So how much is to be transferred to the accounts of retirees from 2022? See the calculations in the gallery below.


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