Duh! Apple Admits Macs Are More Vulnerable to Malware Infiltration

Suara.com – Head of Software Apple, Craig Federighi, bluntly that the MacOS operating system on computer devices Mac more vulnerable to infiltration malware or malicious software.

This is because Apple allows its users to install software from the internet for Mac which can be exploited on a regular basis.

He also said that the security on the MacOS operating system is different from the iOS operating system, which is on iPhone devices because it has a higher standard for consumer protection.

“Currently, we have a level of malware on Mac which we consider unacceptable and it is much worse than iOS,” said Federighi in the trial Epic Games vs Apple, quoted from CNBC, Sunday (23/5/2021).

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This difference in security on the iPhone and Mac is important because Epic Games wants Apple to allow users to install its products, via an alternative application store that is allowed on Mac computers.

Epic Games says that it is easier for Apple to allow apps to be installed on the MacOS software than on the App Store on the iPhone.

Logo Apple. [Pexels/Pixabay]

Meanwhile, Apple itself argues that the strict rules on the App Store are aimed at maintaining user security.

According to Federighi, Mac users are currently around one tenth of the total iPhone users.

Apple itself says that active iPhone users currently number 1 billion people scattered around the world.

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“For iOS, we aspire to make something much safer. All indications are that we did it successfully,” he added.

Furthermore, he said that Apple had found and removed about 130 types of malware on Macs last year which had infected hundreds of thousands of user systems.

Unlike the malware that infects the iPhone with a smaller number, only three malware.

Malware on smartphones. [Shutterstock]
Malware on smartphones. [Shutterstock]

“I have had several family members who got some malware on the Mac, but in the end I thought the Mac could be operated safely,” said Federighi.

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