Residents are excited about a strange creature in a tree until the police call, it turns out …

KRAKOW, – Animal Police on Poland on Wednesday (4/14/2021) a resident called who was excited by the appearance of a mysterious figure in a tree.

The residents feel that it is a dangerous animal hiding in a tree, even though it is not a living creature.

The Krakow Animal Welfare Community wrote in a post on Facebook that they received a worried phone call from a local resident about the sighting.

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“It’s been two days perched in a tree across the house! People don’t open their windows for fear of getting into the house,” said the caller.

“It is brown, it lies on a tree,” the caller was quoted as saying AFP.

Animal welfare officials had suspected it was a bird of prey, but callers said they were more similar iguana.

The funny thing is, the caller can’t spell iguana and instead pronounces laguna.

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Then when officers came to the location and saw the object on a lical tree, they said that it was not head or legged.

“We knew right away that we couldn’t help the creature … this mysterious ‘lagoon’ … which it turned out to be croissant.”

Even though it turns out that the apparition is a cake, the local community hopes that residents will continue to report anything about animal welfare.

The unit often gets calls about abandoned cats and dogs, and even fish.

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