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The surprise announcement at the very end ofE3 2019 took the short players. A sequel to Zelda: Breath of the Wild is in development and will hook a particularly neat scenario, both serious and dark. The gameplay is advertised as using “new codes”.

Release date :

– No official release date has yet been announced by Nintendo. A year after its announcement at E3 2019, this new BotW has not given any news. It is therefore unlikely that he will leave before 2021.

Trailer :

– There is currently onlya very first teaser which does not show much, broadcast at the end of Nintendo direct during E3 2019!

News :

– After a very large success of the first ZeldaBoTW (title of the best game of 2017 at the Games Awards, 15 million copies sold in March 2019), Nintendo intends to repeat the phenomenon. And how can we announce such an ambition as a mysterious teaser during the biggest video game fair? It is this bet that the Japanese firm made during its E3 2019 Nintendo Direct.

– Through the short teaser of E3, the questions of the players could not find answers. So that Aonuma, game director, spoke to IGN and a few other media outlets to clarify a few points. While the game is “really not ready“and it will take a while before playing it, the Japanese said Red Dead Redemption 2 was one of the main inspirations of this suite!

– Also, contrary to what one might think when seeing the teaser, Breath of the Wild 2 has no connection with Majora’s Mask, the 2000 Zelda opus.

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– Still in the teaser, we can spot that Zelda has short hair and seems to be quite important … even the main heroine of the game. Although nothing is confirmed in this sense, many players speculate that she would be playable ! Gold, Aonuma said shortly before the release of BoTW that if Zelda were to be playable, she would be entitled to her own game

– Know qu’Amazon already offers preorder Zelda BoTW 2 with a dummy date.

– The first plans envisaged rather a big extension, but the ideas were so numerous that a full-fledged sequel was quickly imposed.

– In early October 2019, Nintendo is recruiting a scriptwriter who will be responsible for bridging the events of this new Zelda BoTW 2 and previous episodes. A few weeks later, in November 2019, some little rumors are running on social networks about an outing … in 2020 .

– In July 2020, the official Spanish voice actors for Zelda Breath of The Wild 2 spoke in the podcast A Coffee With Nintendo. The Nintendo Life site thus relates their statements. They said they had finished recording their text for the game, which implies an advanced state for the Nintendo project.

Gameplay :

– Nothing about the gameplay is yet known but it should use “new codes“just like the story that will be entirely”unpublished“.

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