Refreshing Driving Experience: Exploring the Limited Stokus Series for Boleslav Motorsport’s 100th Anniversary

Refreshing experiences behind the wheel

Today’s sportier versions of lower middle-class cars (if they still have an internal combustion engine) have around three hundred horses, but the driving experience with them is often dull, dulled by refinement, high weight and slow engine reactions. Even a freshman from a driving school can drive these cars quickly. The first “heresy” was still an athlete from the old school, and he does not hesitate to demonstrate it even today.

Already when getting into one well-preserved specimen from the limited stokus series for the 100th anniversary of Boleslav motorsport (yes, it flies, we recently celebrated the 120th), I was amazed at how well everything is held together, and while driving I appreciated how honestly and solidly the built car runs.

The engine, whose wings have not yet been cut too short by the Euro 3 standard, still charms today with lightning reactions and a very pleasant pull in a wide range of revs. Although it does not impress anyone with its 180 horses today, flexibility, immediacy, gradation and, last but not least, a pleasant humming sound still have something to say. As already mentioned, the first “heresy” had to be satisfied with a five-speed gearbox, but thanks to the great flexibility of the engine, this does not matter. In addition, the gearshift is more accurate than in most modern cars – that is, the few that still have a manual.

2023-06-03 06:29:00
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