Ingenuity’s Recent Problems: Updates on the Helicopter’s Status on Mars

Anyone can feel lonely, especially on a planet as empty as Mars. However, this does not threaten the Perseverance rover, because from the very beginning travels around the Red Planet together with Ingenuity’s helicopter. However, NASA reported recent problems with the work of the latter.

Ingenuity with problems. It has been on the surface of Mars for a month

Ingenuity was supposed to prove that he could take to the air on Mars, and it must be admitted that he accomplished his mission with a lot of interest. The planned few launches have become over 50, but recently it has encountered a lot of problems.

As you can read on the NASA blogthe rotorcraft’s troubles began in early April, when stopped responding to commands for 6 days, which led to the machine later entering night mode and waking up at unusual times. This made it difficult to plan further activities.

Moreover, they appeared at the same time connectivity issues between Ingenuity and the Perseverance rover. Initially, scientists hoped that the reason was the position of Perseverance, which was at the limit of the rotorcraft’s range. However, bringing the objects closer did not improve the situation. Ingenuity remained offline from April 5 to April 12. The next day, after waking up, he made his fiftieth jubilee flight. The rotorcraft took off on April 22, but has remained on the ground ever since.

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