“Red Notice” became the most successful movie in Netflix history

The latest movie starring Gal Gadot, Dwayne Johnson y Ryan Reynolds para Netflix, Red Notice, has left many with mixed feelings due to primarily being considered an entertaining movie, but completely disposable.

What’s more, the film that combines action and comedy (What to say does not show anything other than The Rock or Reynolds) it has been destroyed almost unanimously by the so-called “specialized criticism”, again being in opposition to the spectators who apparently think the opposite.

Yes, because beyond having a rating above 95% on Rotten Tomatoes, this latest Netflix premiere has just become the Most-watched movie in the platform’s history, totaling in its first twenty-eight days 328,800,000 hours viewed, thus unseating Sandra Bullock’s Bird Box, which was 282,020,000.

The first who raised the alert about this situation was Dwayne Johnson who published it on his Instagram account.

The official confirmation was missing and although Netflix has not yet published it on its social networks, the information can be corroborated on the new website of the platform that delivers the data of the most viewed on it. And so it looks.

Undoubtedly, the spectacular numbers of Red Notice will continue to grow and it is most certain that before the unusual success comes the second part of this story, although to the critics it seems the most detestable.



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