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Tell us about your game. What type of player are you on a field?

Dynamic, a lot in the percussion, I like to combine with the mediums, my lateral. I just love football and I’m lucky to have a coach who gives me freedom and tells me to take it.

As a winger, which players do you like to be inspired by?

There are a lot of them (laughs). I can aim for the top by talking about Messi but you really have to see what he offers, everything he does is millimeter. Afterwards, you have players like Bruno Fernandes who make you want to reproduce what they are doing. In the position of winger which is mine, there are players like Dembélé, Sancho. I’m someone who watches videos but strangely, it’s more attackers like Cavani, Lewandowski or Ruud van Nistelrooy to go back further.

What are your areas for improvement?

I would say the finish, that’s what hurt me the most. Even though I’m still young, I’ve been in the senior world for two or three years and it’s not the same as in U19. Before I was very mad, I liked to take the ball, do what I wanted but in adults, it does not work like that. Knowing how to combine, find the right positions to end up in front of the cage and finish well could take me to the highest level.

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