Record number of infections in France, Germany is actually decreasing

On Friday, 20,339 new infected people were reported in France, which was also a record. The number of corona deaths rose by 54 on Saturday and now stands at 32,684.

In several cities, such as Paris, Lyon, Lille and Marseille, the highest corona warning level applies. In the affected cities, bars and hangouts that do not sell food have to close for two weeks.

Purchase in Germany

The number of new corona infections in Germany dropped for the first time. There were 4,721 new cases on Saturday, a day later the number is 3,483, while 4516 new infections were registered on Friday.

The number of deaths in Germany increased by eleven to 9,615.

On Friday, for the first time since the corona outbreak in Europe, more than 100,000 infections were registered in one day.

One third of the cases are in Eastern Europe. The biggest trouble spots are the United Kingdom, Russia, Spain and France. These countries reported more than 10,000 new cases per day over the past three days.

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