Gattuso exploits the bubble with long sessions

“If they keep us closed here for another week, we will be ready to play another sport“, writes Dries Mertens on social media, ironically showing the abdominal work in one shot with Koulibaly in the gym of the Castel Volturno technical center. Rino Gattuso with his staff is also working from a physical point of view, specifically at a muscular level, with many hours in the gym. A way to also diversify the technical-tactical work on the field in the long sessions, necessary to take advantage of the 14 days in the Castel Volturno bubble and also fill the days of the Azzurri who go on only between video games in the room and training.

Meanwhile, yesterday there was yet another round of tampons, which confirmed the negativity of the whole team group and the danger now escaped two weeks from the crossing against Genoa. Another day of checks is scheduled for tomorrow, but the hope of the Azzurri to be able to finish the bubble early – in case of further negativity – is destined to vanish. In fact, the ASL will not derogate from the 14 days provided and therefore the Azzurri will have to remain at the Castel Volturno technical center probably until the eve of the match against Atalanta, scheduled for Saturday in advance, a day in which a pre-match retreat could be foreseen. In the next few days, however, Gattuso should at least lighten the workloads to reach the top in the match with the Nerazzurri.

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