Reconstruction of the Nancy university hospital: “It is urgent to take action”

The new mayor of Nancy continues to seize power. Mathieu Klein was installed this Wednesday, September 16 as chairman of the supervisory board of the Brabois university hospital (CHRU). Laurent Hénart’s successor in this position immediately set his sights. At a press conference which followed his election, he summarized his roadmap which consists of three main chapters: unblocking the CHRU reconstruction project, raising the establishment to the rank of “flagship” of the offer Lorraine hospital and undertake the construction of a regional university hospital on an international scale.

Backed by this last ambition, the universityization of the CHR of Metz-Thionville. “I support it, but it will not be sufficient without a comprehensive territorial project. We must build the foundations of a Lorraine hospital capable of climbing into the Top 3 of French establishments ”, he declared after having planned himself in the imposing refoundation project of the CHRU of Nancy.

Saga of spring and summer, this real estate transaction increased from 515 million to 675 million due to its necessary adaptation to the new health standards imposed by the coronavirus epidemic (removal of double rooms and redistribution of staff changing rooms, among others ), has been at a standstill since the end of the Health Segur. The national conference, called urgently at the end of the Covid-19 crisis, sent the Copermo to the trash

, but did not designate a replacement. Consequently, all the restructuring programs of French hospitals initially validated by this dissolved body, are put on hold.

“You have to be able to invest”

That of Nancy, which provides for the regrouping of all the satellites of the CHRU on the Brabois site, the demolition of the immense bar of the 70s which sits in its center and, originally, a vast plan of elimination of nearly a thousand jobs, therefore, also ends up in the queue. “The challenge today is the translation into action by the State of the investment plan essential for the future of the CHRU,” said Mathieu Klein. We know that CHRU’s debt is around 419 million euros and represents an annual charge of 41 million euros. To resolve this situation, we must be able to invest. I am convinced that all operational efforts have been made to achieve savings. All this was done in order to allow a balanced operation of the public hospital and to obtain, in return, a commitment from the State to invest massively in order, in particular, to bring together all the hospitals on a single site. ”

Freshly elected, Mathieu Klein sent a letter to the Minister of Health in July to find out where the Nancy case was. Radio silence since. “I asked Olivier Véran to confirm the State’s commitment,” said the mayor of Nancy. I have not, to date, received an answer. But it could be produced soon I was told. Appointed in early September, the new director of the Grand Est Regional Health Agency, Virginie Cayré, was also questioned on the subject. No result. “I would find it really very regrettable if all the efforts made by the CHRU to produce a building plan that meets the imperatives of modernization are not, today, translated into action! », Concluded Mathieu Klein.

Interministerial committee for the performance and modernization of the hospital care offer.

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