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Real de Minas with an inspired Juan Ramón Mejía beat Platense in Danlí – Diez

The Real de Minas that commander Raúl Cáceres had no mercy and ended up defeating 4-0 at Platense on the court of Marcelo Tinoco Stadium of Danlí for day 2 of Closing tournament of the National League of Honduras.

Min. 74 – Goooooooool of Real de Minas gooooooool of Jesse Moncada after a cross from the left of the number 10 head to increase the win.

Min. 67 – Gooooooooooool of Real de Minas gooooooooool by Juan Ramón Mejía after a corner kick and a bad start by Rafael Zúniga the rebound was left to the scorer.

Min. 51 -Goooooooool from Real de Minas goooooool by Juan Ramón Mejía after a cross from the right of Jesse Moncada and the forward of the stomach sent it to the bottom.


Min. 45 – Yellow card for Alejandro Guglielmo after a hard blow against one of the attackers of Real de Minas.

Min. 41 – Diego Reyes’s player, the two defenders of Real de Minas were removed on the same play and David Mendoza took it out of the line when the ball was already going towards the goal.

Min. 32 – Free kick sent by Aldo Oviedo, Robel Bernárdez waited in the area and handed it to Nelson Múñoz who only forgave the goal by forgiving Platense.

Min. 29 – First change for Platense: Enter Julio Moncada instead of Aldo Fajardo.

Min. 20 – Nice move by Platense through Diego Reyes who took off two marks and when he got to the area his shot was not strong.

Min 6 – Goooooooooooool of Real de Minas gooooooool of Óscar García and puts the locals in Danlí to win after he had the ball in the area after a pass from Aldo Oviedo and without hesitation sent it to the bottom.



Real de Minas: Gerson Argueta, David Mendoza, Nelson Múñoz, Robel Bernárdez, Luis Guzmán, Aldo Oviedo, Óscar García, Jean Carlo Rivera, Diego Rodríguez, Jesse Moncada and Juan Ramón Mejía.

Platense: José Zúniga, Víctor Arauz, Anthony Cervantes, César Oseguera, Ilce Barahora, Marcos Martínez, Jean Carlos Vargas, Alejandro Guglielmo, Hesle Morales, Diego Reyes and Aldo Fajardo.



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