Breakthrough in two-year-old murder case: man (65) of victim … (Dilsen-Stokkem)

Victim Gerty Vanhoef.

Dilsen-Stokkem –

Albert B., the 65-year-old husband of Gerty Vanhoef, was arrested on Wednesday and arrested for the “farm murder” of his wife in 2018. The public prosecutor Limburg announced this on Thursday. B. himself strongly denies any involvement in the death of his wife. Initially he was a civil party, but that has since been changed to a suspect.

On August 28, 2018, a fierce fire broke out in the historic Damiaanhoeve in Elen (Dilsen-Stokkem). In no time the building was ablaze. Gerty Vanhoef’s husband (61) says he came home from a trip to the shop and took his wife out of the burning house. However, no help was of any use to the woman. The judicial investigation showed that the woman had first been killed by violence. Her body showed multiple stab injuries from a sharp object.

The investigation into a suspect was very laborious and seemed to be deadlocked, but after intense and persistent efforts, the federal judicial police of Limburg came into the picture of a suspect. Albert B., Vanhoef’s former husband. He was arrested and charged by the investigating judge on Thursday.

The investigation even sent a bulk text message to 7,000 people who were under the cell phone mast on the day of the facts. That did not immediately yield anything. Subsequently, the team of investigators was expanded. New, technical elements would have surfaced in the research, pointing in the direction of the involvement of the husband. The judicial investigation will continue under the direction of the investigating judge.

Albert B. appears next Tuesday before the council chamber in Tongeren.

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