Hermoso de Mendoza presents the Equality Award to the IES Cosme García and to the journalist Chelo lvarez-Stehle


The mayor of Logroo, Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza, this afternoon presented the ‘Teresa Len Goyri, city of Logroo’ Award to the IES Cosme García and to the journalist Chelo lvarez-Stehle for their work and career in favor of women’s equality and mens.

This award is granted by the Logroo City Council, through the Councilor for Equality, to publicly recognize the actions of individuals or entities, both public and private, that have distinguished themselves in the field of equality.

Hermoso de Mendoza has highlighted the life and professional career of the journalist, writer, filmmaker and activist in defense of women’s rights, Chelo lvarez-Stehle, and, especially, her fight against sexual violence and trafficking, documented in her film ‘Arenas de silencio’, which has been awarded and screened in cities around the world, including Logroo.

In the entity modality, the prize has gone to the IES Cosme García. The mayor highlighted “the transforming capacity of education and the importance of an educational center, which is a daily space for coexistence, developing practices in defense of equality between women and men.” The teachers and the youth achieve “are essential to achieve a more just and egalitarian society. The recognition of the work of this institute can be extended to the daily task carried out by other educational centers in which equality is integrated as a transversal axis of their work “.

In this second call, 10 applications have been submitted in the entity section and 3 applications in the natural person section. This award is one of the initiatives promoted by the City Council to shore up the pillars of gender equality in our city and move towards a more egalitarian and just society.

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The Councilor for Equality has highlighted the relevance of all the candidacies that have been presented for the work they do in favor of equality between women and men, for which they deserve the recognition and gratitude of all citizens.

In this edition, different associations, the media, educational and training centers and three individuals whose work, career or activity in this field has had an impact on the city of Logroo have been presented in the modality of entities.

All the candidacies received have been evaluated mainly according to three criteria: the trajectory of the entity/person candidate in the field of equality between women and men; the capacity for social transformation of work, trajectory or activity in the field of equality between women and men; and the repercussion and influence in the city of Logroo of the performance, actions, works or projects or trajectory developed by the proposed person/entity.

The prize in the category of entity to the IES Cosme García, when valued, is endowed with 2,000 euros, while the recognition of the natural person granted to Chelo Álvarez-Stehle is endowed with 500 euros.

The Logroo City Council award bears the name of the Logrooese writer from the generation of ’27, María Teresa León Goyri, as a tribute and recognition of her social commitment and her literary work.

María Teresa León was a woman committed to the troubled times in which she lived and who faced criticism and social conventions. She wrote short stories, novels, plays, biographies, novels, essays, film and radio scripts, and an autobiography. He cultivated all literary genres. In 1928 she published her first book of short stories ‘Cuentos para soar. Throughout her life she wrote seven collections of short stories, many of them with a markedly social character, among which ‘Rosa fría, patinadora de la luna’ stands out, with illustrations by her husband Rafael Alberti, and ‘Fables of Bitter Time, with a surreal tone. During the Civil War she participated in the Junta de Defensa y Protección del Tesoro Artístico Nacional and thanks to her intervention it was possible to save the sacred treasure of Toledo and carry out the transfer of the pictorial funds from the Prado Museum to Valencia.

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