Rapunzel may leave “Dom-2” because of squabbles

Olga Rapunzel and Dmitry Dmitrenko are one of the strongest couples of the Dom-2 television project. The husband and wife are raising two children and once again claim victory in the “Person of the Year” competition. Someone thinks that the spouses are already arrogant and take up too much space in the “House”. But the family is not going to leave the perimeter – they have a clear goal for continuing to participate in this reality show. Which one, Olga does not disclose, but nevertheless admits that there are circumstances that can force her to leave the project. For example, if after all the intrigues she runs out of patience.

“I want no one to touch me. But there are participants who always cling to us, stick their nose everywhere, want to slander us, to blacken us. They want to confuse the viewer! Although our family never touches anyone first, ” Rapunzel said Teleprogramma.pro… “I get very tired of such provocations, I often ask for a day off, so as not to participate in such squabbles.”

The 33-year-old girl stressed that if she leaves “House-2”, her family has where and what to live on, although the spouses do not consider themselves rich. Olga is sure that she and Dmitry will find their own business in order to earn money and raise their daughters with dignity. But so far we are not talking about leaving: the couple has good relations with the presenters and the provocations of other participants have not yet pissed off the spouses. However, Rapunzel added that as soon as the intrigues on the project go over the edge, she and her husband will get together and leave the project.


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