Supermarket refuses to sell woman’s tampons during lockdown: ‘Non-essential’ | Abroad

The Welsh government has declared a lockdown that will last 17 days. Specialist cases are closed. All products that are not classified as essential may no longer be sold in supermarkets. Opposition parties call this ‘total madness’.

This is non-essential, the supermarket shows.

This is non-essential, the supermarket shows.

A customer described on Twitter how she was “furious and in tears” because a Tesco supermarket employee told her not to bring tampons. In a tweet that was later deleted, the supermarket informed the woman that it was a government rule.


“This is wrong. Menstrual products are essential, ”the Welsh government responded to the same message. Tesco then came up with a different explanation. A burglary had been committed and therefore nothing could be sold anymore – including tampons. Inquiries with the police reveal that there was indeed a burglary.

Books?  Customers in a supermarket in Cardiff can no longer sell them.

Books? Customers in a supermarket in Cardiff can no longer sell them.

The Secretary of Health, Vaughan Gething, has now spoken out publicly on the matter. Tesco was ‘simply wrong’, he says. The supermarket said sorry.

Not for sale

Supermarkets in Wales are allowed to have entire sections sealed with plastic or black and yellow ribbons to indicate that clothes, bedding and toys cannot be sold. These are goods that are normally not sold in the supermarket. Electronics, telephones, games and garden products also fall under those ‘non-essential’ goods.

And just to be clear: menstrual products do fall under the essential goods.

Many people oppose the package of measures in Wales. A petition has been signed more than 60,000 times.

A notice for customers.

A notice for customers.

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