Rana Hariri, Bassem Yakhour’s wife, responds to the attack she was subjected to

Syrian writer Rana Hariri commented on the wave of criticism she was subjected to after a post she shared on social media, during which she described Syria as “a plundered and afflicted country that is not fit for human life.”

Noting that her words stemmed from pain and despair, except that she was not careful in choosing her vocabulary.

Rana thanked everyone who defended her, indicating that she was not careful in choosing her words, as she wrote via the store feature: “Thank you from my heart for all the messages that you sent to me, thank you to everyone who defended me with a kind word, thank you to everyone who understood my words, and did not try to take part in it Or he distorts the meaning and distorts the intent, just to attack me.”

She added, “I did not speak on behalf of anyone, my words were in my name, my speech about the countries of the civilized world was sarcasm, not praise, and my words about planes were just a wish or a dream, and certainly not a plan or a conspiracy.”

And she continued: “When I spoke about rescuing the Syrians and deporting them to any place with better conditions, my words stemmed from pain and despair. I wrote without studying or embellishing my words, and I admit that I was not very careful in choosing my vocabulary. I wrote from purely human logic, far from any politics or goals.”

And she added: “But inevitably, those with rusty minds and worn-out hearts did not understand my words, and considered my speech an opportunity to bid and sell patriots. They forgot that the most precious thing in the country is the citizen. It is the human being, and I did nothing except that I spoke about the pain of this person and my wish to help him.”

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Rana concluded: “What I wrote about the country and the people’s situation is a reality that I saw myself, and what I don’t see is that he is blind, or that he has a real problem with morals. As for my love for my country and the people of my country, it is a truth that I know, and I am not obliged to prove it to anyone at all.”

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