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Racing vehicle made of 10,000 pieces of electronic waste Al Khaleej newspaper

Dubai: Mohammed Yassin

The corridors of Expo City Dubai, which hosts the COP 28 Conference of the Parties, witnessed the first racing vehicle made from more than 10,000 pieces of electronic waste from phones, laptops, gaming devices, etc., which was created by the Envision Racing Foundation.

An official at the organization said: This vehicle is part of our dream and race against climate change, and raising awareness about the growing problem of electronic waste.

She explained to Al-Khaleej that the risks of electronic waste are increasing in the world significantly, which represents a major problem for the environment, and its negative impact on human health on our planet, noting that electronic waste is expected to reach 75 million tons by The year is 2030, so we launched our campaign to educate communities about the mechanism of electronic waste disposal.

She pointed to the Foundation’s work with a number of partners to educate communities about the necessity of making the most of electronic devices and donating them to institutions that work to restore them and give them to others who will benefit from them, before thinking about disposing of them as waste that harms the environment.

She also stressed that the role of her organization is to inform society about ways to dispose of waste and the necessity of separating batteries from electronic devices before disposing of them. Because recycling it is different from recycling electronic devices, she stressed that her organization’s priority is to spread awareness among people through various media and influencers, including world champions and others.

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