Question Marks Answered About Global Corona Drop but Crazy in Europe


Case Corona or COVID-19 in Europe increased while countries in other regions experienced a decline in cases. What caused it?

This increase in Corona cases in Europe began to be seen since early October 2021. One of the countries that reported a high spike in cases was Russia.

Reported from the news agency AFP, Wednesday (6/10/2021), the Russian government said there were 929 deaths from the Corona virus in the last 24 hours. This is Russia’s highest daily death toll since the pandemic.

With the addition of these deaths, then the total number of deaths in Russia as a result COVID-19 to 212,625, which makes it the highest death toll in Europe.

Russia is the fifth country in the world worst hit by the pandemic with a total of more than 7.5 million cases of Corona virus infection. Corona cases in Russia have continued to increase since August due to the stagnant rate of Corona vaccinations.

In fact, Russian-made vaccines have been available for a long time. But Russian authorities have struggled to vaccinate citizens who are skeptical of the vaccine. According to the results of a number of independent surveys, more than half of the Russian population does not plan to be vaccinated.

Case Spike in Turkey

The spike in cases also occurred in Turkey, which part of its territory entered the European region. The Turkish Health Ministry recorded 30,438 new cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday (6/10).

The number was the highest daily case record since April 30. On the same day, there were 236 deaths due to the Corona virus.

Daily cases in Turkey have continued to rise higher than any other country in the region over the past month. In fact, the vaccination rate in Turkey is higher than its neighboring countries.

The increase in the daily death toll in Turkey since mid-July was among the sharpest in Europe and the Middle East. But the death toll fell after touching 290 in September.

Turkey has now started giving the third dose to more than 10.6 million people who have received two doses of Sinovac vaccine. Turks are free to choose Sinovac or Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine as their third dose.

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