Quebec asks Public Health to be more prompt in enforcing health instructions

According to the director of Public Health Gaspésie-les Îles, Yv Bonnier-Viger, the letter sent Monday by Minister Christian Dubé is above all a reminder sent to the various regional offices in relation to their powers and their fields of action.

Dr Bonnier-Viger stresses, however, that in the future, an establishment which does not apply the health protocols in accordance with the prescriptions, would only be entitled to one notice before a forced closure or the cancellation of an activity. which presents a risk in the eyes of public health:

In addition, Minister Dubé’s directive indicates to regional public health directors that they will receive a communication from the national director, Horacio Arruda, in order to specify the conduct to be applied.

The Director of Public Health Gaspésie-les Îles, Yv Bonnier-Viger

According to Yv Bonnier-Viger, we will then present an administrative simplification of the legal treatment in the application of health ordinances, which however did not pose any problems in the region:

Dr Bonnier-Viger explains that the powers of the regional public health directorate will not conflict with national decisions related to closures or cancellations of activities.

He specifies that the interventions of the regional directorates will be more surgical and will only target specific locations on a case-by-case approach.

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