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Quarantine: folklorist Roxana Carabajal was delayed in Santiago del Estero

Folklorist Roxana Carabajal, niece of Carlos Oscar Carabajal Correa, popularly known as “Peteco” Carabajal, was arrested by police officers on Monday afternoon in the province of Santiago del Estero.

The incident took place in the Mariano Moreno neighborhood and it was while officers apprehended a group of young people who were playing soccer, published Infobae.

According to police sources, the operation began around 5:45 p.m. and among the 20-year-old boys, Valentín Goyeneche, Lorenzo Goyeneche and Nazareno Saavedra (son of the folklorist Juan Saavedra) were identified.

The troops delayed the young people for failing to comply with the health protocols imposed by the Government to prevent the transmission of the coronavirus, since they were not wearing masks.

Three of the six young people were notified and when they were transferred to the police station, two women appeared: one of them said her name was María del Carmen Saavedra (mother of one of the young people and partner of the dancer Juan Saavedra) and the folklorist Roxana Carabajal , who opposed the arrest.

Both demonstrated against the police for the operation.

Noticing that they were filming them, the singer looked at the camera, said her name and expressed that she wanted the images to reach the Governor of Santiago del Estero, Gerardo Zamora. “They are wanting to take Nazareno to play ball,” said Peteco Carabajal’s niece and added: “We know everything.”

Always according to the police report, the women hindered the procedure for the arrest of the three young men who did not resist. One of the officers contacted the prosecutor on duty, Sebastián Robles, who ordered that both be apprehended.

In this way, and with the collaboration of the staff of the Police Station for Minors and Women No. 5, all were transferred to the School for NCOs and Agents. There they spent Monday night. Young people for not complying with article 205 of the Penal Code, and women, for attack and resistance to authority.

Roxana Carabajal, who is 47 years old today, discovered her true identity at age 14 when she learned that “Peteco” is her uncle and not her brother, as she believed. Following the family legacy, she began her musical career as a child. In 1999 she won the Consecration Award with the zamba The sad girl for his participation in the Cosquín Festival.

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