Quantumania Given Lato-lato Toys, Who’s the Best?


detikcom was invited by Disney Indonesia to attend the fan event Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania in Sydney, Australia. In this event, two Ant-Man 3 stars were present, namely Paul Rudd and Jonathan Majors. With them was director Peyton Reed.

This event was held at Hoyts Entertainment Square, Sydney, Thursday (2/2/2023). The fan event begins by introducing each guest star. The small stage at the end of the red carpet was purposely built for them. When the MCs shouted the names of Peyton Reed, Jonathan Majors, and Paul Rudd in turn, all the waiting fans clapped and shouted loudly.

“Has anyone been waiting since 5am he said?” their comments while saluting from afar to the fans who came that day with MCU attributes, especially Ant-Man.

After that, there was a question and answer session. The cast of Scott Lang and Kang the Conqueror answered many people’s curiosity about the latest Ant-Man film. Meanwhile, Peyton Reed poured a little burden on his heart about Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania which will open phase 5 of the MCU.

After that, the three guest stars took turns conducting interviews with various media on the red carpet. When it was detik.com’s turn, they were each challenged to play Lato-lato.

“Ah! Is this click-clack?” commented Peyton Reed while trying to play Lato-lato. It didn’t take long for him to master the game that is currently viral in Indonesia.

Director Peyton Reed tested the Lato-lato toy. Photo: Atmi Ahsani Yusron

The funny thing is, when asked to do a trick, Peyton ran away. But the experience was definitely unforgettable, as it could have been her first time trying Lato-lato on the red carpet.

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After that it was Paul Rudd’s turn. With a smile, Paul accepted detik.com’s challenge with pleasure and enthusiasm. Even though he doesn’t really master Lato-lato, his efforts must be appreciated.

“Wow, I don’t know. I have to do this? (trying to move Lato-lato up and down),” commented Paul Rudd.

Paul Rudd jajal main Side-side.Paul Rudd tries to play Lato-lato. Photo: Atmi Ahsani Yusron

Now it’s Jonathan Majors’ turn. Because Peyton and Paul had already done it, actor Kang The Conqueror had no choice but to take on detikcom’s challenge.

Jonathan Majors’ expression was quite confused as he held Lato-lato. In contrast to Peyton who immediately recognized this game, it took time for Jonathan to get used to it.

“What should I do? Lato-lato? What should I do, right?” he commented.

Are you curious about their action playing Lato-lato? Look forward to the video on detikcom!

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