Jonathan Majors from Marvel fame arrested in New York City

Jonathan Majors faces serious allegations. Photo: image/MediaPunch Did Jonathan Majors get violent? A woman raises serious allegations against the Marvel star, who was subsequently arrested by the police. Share this article Eddy about actor Jonathan Majors (33): As American media consistently report, including “Variety”, the cinema high-flyer was arrested in New York last Saturday (March […]

The Arrested Actor in New York: A Look at Jonathan Majors’ Identity

We have heard a lot about Jonathan Majors for his recent appearances on Marvel y Creed IIIbut something that has caught the attention of Internet users is the recent arrest of the artist in New York for assaulting a woman. Investigations into the case continue, but this makes us wonder: Who is Jonathan Majors? Jonathan […]

Creed III met K.O. le box-office US

Jonathan Majors is doubly in the lead, as Ant-Man 3 fell to 2nd place this weekend. (Source: French Film) Creed III raked in $58.7 million on its US debut, on 4,007 prints, the boxing franchise’s biggest debut by far: In 2015, the first spin-off of Rocky had sold 26.6 million green tickets in three days, […]

This is the Origin of the Codet on Kang’s Face

Jakarta – On Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Kang (Jonathan Majors) appears with a distinctive feature in the form of two scars on his face that run straight down to the bottom of his eyes. However, it was not explained how the wound could have happened, considering how strong he was, so it was quite […]

Review of Marvel’s Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

He’s always been Marvel’s tiniest superhero. Ant-Man could shrink to microscopic size, but most of the time he didn’t save the universe, but “just” solved small family problems. His new adventure takes place entirely in a realm where atoms are the size of galaxies, and somewhat betrays the poetics of the previous installments. Right at […]