Quality programs that promote women’s mental health

The National Center for Mental Health Promotion organized a “remote” meeting with representatives of 12 women’s associations and family development in various regions of the Kingdom.

During the meeting, the participants stressed the importance of providing quality programs aimed at women, and the challenges they face, in addition to preparing a framework for cooperation between the National Center for Mental Health Promotion and associations concerned with women, and collecting resources that contribute to the production of specialized programs and activities that are available for quick access, in addition to preparing an action plan. Common between the participating parties and finally cooperation in the field of consulting in this field.

The National Center for Mental Health Promotion held an awareness exhibition this year, coinciding with International Women’s Day, under the slogan (Saudi Women’s Health.. The Path to Empowerment), over two days in Riyadh, with the attendance of more than 1,200 visitors, and a virtual meeting with the participation of elite experts to talk about Several axes related to women’s mental health.

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