Jokowi is Closer to Adian than Ganjar


Secretary General of the PDI-P (PDIP) Hasto Kristiyanto responding to the question of the Governor of Central Java Pranowo reward speaking on the appearance of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) which is simple so that he doesn’t feel awkward or distant. Hasto said that as far as he knows, Jokowi and Ganjar are far apart.

“As far as I know Pak Jokowi and Pak Ganjar are far away. Pak Jokowi is in Jakarta, Pak Ganjar is in Semarang,” said Hasto when asked for a response while including a laughing emoticon, Thursday (11/8/2022).

According to Hasto, Jokowi is actually closer to PDIP politician Adian Napitupulu than Ganjar.



“Pak Jokowi and Adian are closer than Pak Jokowi and Ganjar,” said Hasto.

“Because Pak Jokowi is in Bogor, Adian also lives in Bogor,” he continued.

Previously reported, reward praised Jokowi’s appearance. The praise was uploaded by Ganjar on his official Twitter account, as seen on Thursday (11/9/2022). With a white shirt and black pants, according to Ganjar, Jokowi looks relaxed.

“One thing that makes me and maybe others not feel awkward or distant from President @jokowi is his simple appearance. Looks like us. White shirt, black pants. Mrs. Iriana is like that too. Really relaxed,” he wrote. reward. Ganjar’s tweets have been adapted to Indonesian rules.

Although Jokowi and Iriana looked relaxed, Ganjar assessed that Jokowi did not look tired. Ganjar prays for Jokowi and Iriana to always be healthy.

“But when it comes to work, well. Don’t ask. I just want gas,” he said.

In his tweet, Ganjar also included a photo of him walking with Jokowi. Ganjar wears the governor’s official attire, while Jokowi wears a white shirt and black pants.

“And today I accompanied him to plant in Boyolali and Sukoharjo districts,” he added.

Previously, Jokowi took a leisurely walk during CFD along Jalan Slamet Riyadi, Solo, accompanied by Ganjar Pranowo and SOE Minister Erick Thohir. PDIP said Jokowi went out with the two figures not to endorse Ganjar and Erick

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