Put down your snowboard and you will be invincible. Ledecká’s dilemma refuses, but he will still go for the medal

At the second Olympics in a row, Ester Ledecká can captivate the entire sports world. As in Pyongyang, Beijing has reached two medals from different sports. He will be one of the biggest favorites in Tuesday’s congress.

Beijing (from our newsletter) – The Olympics woke up to a completely different reality on Sunday. For the first time ever, real snow appeared on the scene and it was a real blizzard.

Ester Ledecké came in handy. Due to difficult conditions, the second training session for the expected Olympic convention was canceled.

“She wanted to use every opportunity to touch the track. She did not plan to miss any training. But nature solved it and Ester is happy, it is a huge energy bonus for her,” explains the physiotherapist of the three-time Olympic winner Michal Lešák.

Ledecká slept on Sunday, spending her free day in her room. “She just rested cleanly, she doesn’t need anything else and she doesn’t want to. She has time for herself, she does what she likes,” Lešák describes.

Physically, the Czech superstar is said to be feeling great. He still draws on the devil’s summer training drill.

There should be nothing to stop her from trying another admirable entry in sports chronicles on Tuesday. Already in the super-giant slalom, just three days after the golden defense on snowboarding, Ledecká finished among the absolute top skiers: fifth. She was a fraction short of the podium: 13 hundredths of a second.

According to experts, he has an even better chance at the congress.

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“She was fourth at the World Cup and just before the Games in Cortina. I undoubtedly see her as a medal aspirant,” said former Swedish skier André Myhrer. Lucie Pešánová Hrstková also spoke about the congress as a better discipline before the Olympics in an interview for Aktuálně.cz.

Greater optimism towards the fastest race is also heard from the Czech amphibian camp.

Ledecká is known to let the skis go, no matter what. He is not afraid of anything. Where most girls prefer to slow down, the Czech Republic lacks the instinct for self-preservation.

Another reason is obvious. Compared to the super-G, it’s a long time before skiing downhill. Ledecká is known for her perfectionism in training, her coaches often wonder how fast she can make progress on individual slopes practically from day to day.

The same can be expected on the slope called The Rock, which winds mercilessly down the Yenching Olympic Complex.

“Ester is excited about the piste. It is interesting, technical. We thought it would be even faster and longer jumps, but it is a really beautiful and smooth track,” reports serviceman Miloš Machytka. According to him, intelligence and experience will decide.

Foreign media, meanwhile, continue to go to Ledecka. After the world performance in the super-G, hypothetical thoughts were resurfaced as to how the Czech skier would have fought the competition if she had put down her snowboard and devoted herself fully to skiing.

The questions keep repeating themselves, and the 26-year-old Czech still answers in the same way. He feels no dilemma. He doesn’t want to choose. He does not want to give up any of his passions.

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“If she only focused on skiing, she would ride on the podium very often, I’m convinced of that. But it’s her business.

“Ester is amazing how he manages to switch in equipment and technology at such a level. I can’t even imagine that I would ever try something similar, it must be incredibly difficult,” adds ski champion Myhrer exclusively for Aktuálně.cz.

Ledecká will never conform. It retains its uniqueness.

“And now let’s imagine what will happen if she succeeds again. ‘Then we will have to start talking about one of the most amazing athletes we have ever seen,” Eurosport writes aptly.

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