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A toy store as Christmas approaches, thousands of references, a few promotions… but on average, prices don’t change compared to last year. With some exceptions. Buki France brand products cost less than in 2022. “The hydraulic hand, which is now priced at 29.90 euros, was at the time 32.90 euros. And we have the Deluxe mode Studio which is now at 34.90 euros, which was 36.90 euros. This helps support the sales of some of our products”, specifies Julien Boulonne, product manager at Buki France. In other words, limit the fall in sales which concerns the entire toy market. In total, the company lowered the price of 46 references out of 300. How? Quite simply by reducing the size of packaging. For example, the image box cost 32.90 euros last year. Today the box is smaller and the price has increased to 27.90 euros. As for the star Christmas products, the bill will be higher. Foie gras, salmon and even chocolates cost more than last year. But in the midst of all these increases, the price of the Saint-Jacques is falling. More details in the video at the top of this article. TF1 | Report P. Corrieu, D. Blondeau, S. Deperrois

2023-12-07 22:02:17
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