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Mercedes is considered one of the most coveted cars in the world, but few know about this truly “tacky” model.

Times change and if in the past those who are called “tamarri” used second-rate cars and which were souped up with a series of very flashy accessories, now we are moving on to first-rate brands. This can be seen for example with the Mercedes, one of the most famous and renowned companies in the world, but which apparently has also become very sought after among these citizens.

Mercedes, the tamest version (

The tamarri can be easily recognized, with the first sign of their presence being denoted thanks to the volume of the car radio which often breaks down the sound barrier. For this reason, having an extraordinary vehicle like the Mercedes it does nothing but make these individuals show off more and more.

This is why over the years they have tried as much as possible to get their hands on the best German cars, especially those in the range AMG. The sporty version of the Mercedes it is by far the most expensive and which has made the three-pointed star extremely popular and loved in the world.

In the 80s the Mercedes it lived a golden moment, with the economy going through a moment of great opportunities and therefore many decided to buy this car. Apparently a model from this decade is back in fashion, with the cost of purchasing it truly something never seen before.

Mercedes 500 SEC AMG: up for auction for an unprecedented amount

The first time Mercedes showed the whole world their new creation with the 500 SEC AMG it was on the occasion of the 1981 Frankfurt International Motor Show. In this case we were faced with a model that presented an extremely high-performance engine, given that it was a 6000-displacement V8, renamed “Hammer”.

Mercedes 500 SEC AMG auction 1986 700 thousand Dollars Euros
Mercede 500 SEC AMG (Sotheby’s –

A real hammer that had the ability to exceed 300 km/h as a maximum peak and which is a fantastic meeting point between a supercar and a coupé. Apparently this car has become popular again, given that it is an extremely rare model that makes collectors a fortune.

In fact, this can be seen with a model that is for sale on the online auction site The latter in fact allows you to get your hands on a model that was registered in the United States in 1986. In this case we are faced with a car that is in fact still almost new from an engine point of view. In total, the 37 of them only covered 4898 km, numbers which therefore mean that its internal system is still in perfect condition.

In the next few days it will be auctioned in New York and Sotheby’s he is convinced that he will be able to reach incredible heights. The sales value of this collector’s car should be between 600 and 750 thousand dollars, which means between 550 thousand and 700 thousand Euros, a truly crazy value.

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