Puntulis invites representatives of technical support companies to sit at the negotiating table – in Latvia – News

TVNET has already reported that today a picket organized by technical support companies will take place at the Ministry building and the Latvian National Museum of Art to inform the public about the situation in the industry and call on the responsible government institutions to take action to save the industry.

The Minister of Culture emphasized that hardly ever before had the Ministry of Culture paid so much attention and worked closely with representatives of non-academic music. It is in this sector that technical support companies operate as a percentage. Puntulis emphasized that the ministry has never had such close cooperation with the private sector before.

“A year ago, when no one had any idea about the Covid-19 crisis, we invited the private sector to the negotiating table, emphasizing that we understand and are aware that you are an important and large part of the Latvian cultural space. We must work together to develop cultural policy and those issues that have not been paid enough attention over the years, “the Minister emphasized, noting that it would be bold to talk about the lack of co – operation.

The Minister acknowledged that the Covid-19 crisis has highlighted some issues that have previously caused difficulties, such as the different tax regimes for the self-employed. However, step by step, sitting at the negotiating table and engaging in dialogue, a solution has been found.

“Currently, when I meet my colleagues – musicians, I hear that most of them, however, have received both the downtime allowance and used the opportunities offered by the State Cultural Capital Fund,” said Puntulis.

The Minister of Culture expressed confidence that together with the representatives of the technical support companies it is possible to find a result that is suitable for all parties involved. Puntulis said that there are some problems with NACE codes and there are still a number of tasks that need to be addressed.

“I think there is nothing better than sitting at the negotiating table and dealing with this. I do not see any obstacles to us not dealing with these issues in a joint dialogue,” the minister emphasized.

He also stressed that the Covid-19 crisis calls for being emotional and looking at things on an emotional prism, but, in the minister’s view, emotions are not the best companion to achieve results. Puntulis expressed confidence that the Ministry’s policy is correct, support for the cultural sector and related areas is sufficient financially.

“Event technical support companies are a wide range of companies whose activities include not only the provision of services, but also production and marketing. Yes, there is a small bureaucratic jungle where you can get lost, but these are problems to be solved. I am sure that together we will , “emphasized the Minister.

Nomunds Eilands, the head of the Latvian Association of Technical Support Companies, previously pointed out that professionals in the field have joined forces to jointly express their concerns about the future of the industry and call on the responsible authorities to make decisions to save companies and jobs.

The Latvian Association of Technical Support Companies stated that it would soon be five months since the emergency situation in the country was announced on March 12, which was related to limiting the spread of the new coronavirus disease Covid-19. Gathering restrictions came into force in the country, which completely stopped all events and cultural events.

Although the state of emergency has ended and many industries are returning to normal working life, the situation in the event industry is still described as “extraordinary” – various restrictions on gathering still prevent the sector from working properly, providing business and livelihoods. families, noted in the association.

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