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Pulmonary Hypertension is classified as a rare disease, can the sufferer be cured?

KOMPAS.com – Disease pulmonary hypertension may not be widely known by the public, because it is classified as rare disease which are rare cases.

What is pulmonary hypertension??

To be known, pulmonary hypertension is pathophysiological abnormalities in the pulmonary blood vessels, which can cause complications of heart and respiratory system disease.

According to the Guidelines for Diagnosis and Management Pulmonary Hypertension Indonesian Cardiovascular Specialist Doctors Association in 2021, the global incidence of this disease only reaches 20 to 70 million patients out of a total of 7.7 billion people.

However, pulmonary hypertension (pulmonary hypertension) or pulmonary hypertension that is not detected early can be fatal for patients, especially if not treated properly.

Besides that, pulmonary hypertension symptoms also non-specific, including shortness of breath during activities, fatigue, weakness, chest pain, dizziness, sometimes accompanied by coughing.

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Symptoms of pulmonary hypertension Other rare causes include hemoptysis or coughing up blood from the respiratory tract, Ortner’s syndrome, which is hoarseness of the vocal cords, and arrhythmias (heart rhythm disturbances).

Featured Child Cardiologist and Congenital Heart Disease Harapan Kita Heart Hospital, Jakarta, Dr. Radityo Prakoso, Sp.JP (K), pulmonary hypertension which is detected early can be treated.

For example, in patients with heart leaks that are reversible or can be repaired, treatment can be done by closing the hole causing the leaking heart through surgery.

In addition, the doctor will also provide appropriate drugs for the patient.

“But if he (the patient with symptoms of pulmonary hypertension) is detected late and is still reversible, the progression (disease progression) can still be stopped and will be controlled,” explained Radityo in webinarThursday (10/3/2022).

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