PS5 SSD lifespan raises questions, trans vs Cyberpunk 2077 – weekly highlights

A short digest of everything that happened to the entertainment industry around the world over the past week

SSD Life for PS5 Causes – in case of failure, you will have to throw out the entire console.

Xbox Series X unleashes Assassin’s Creed Unity’s full potential – 6 years after the game was released.

There is a new demo of Resident Evil 4 HD Project – high definition classic.

Quantic Dream CEO considers Microsoft’s strategy controversial – Xbox Series S is a rudiment.

The analyst explains why Sony is not launching an analogue of the Xbox Game Pass service – everything is pretty simple.

Cyberpunk 2077 has been built from scratch in the last year and a half – another ripping off the covers from Jason Schreier.

PlayStation 5 creator explained why the console is so big – we would have guessed ourselves.

Hackers hacked Mafia: Definitive Edition, Death Stranding and two more games – CPY is back in business.

The head of the Xbox commented on the deal between Microsoft and Bethesda and the release of The Elder Scrolls VI – bad news for Sony fans.

Transgender people criticized the authors of Cyberpunk 2077 – again.

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