“The farmer is looking for a wife”. Jozek’s naked bride, the first quarrels and rivalry for David. “You are pushing for glass”

Another episode of the program “The farmer is looking for a wife” it aroused strong emotions, as the first disputes appeared between the participants. Most of the strong statements came from the lips of David’s girlfriend. Magda and Agnieszka believe that the man favors Martyna and plays in front of the cameras.

David from “Farmer …” has a pact with Martyna?

The last episode of the love show about farmers began with a morning wake up call. From the very dawn Magda and Agnieszka did not hide their regret towards Dawid, who the day before went to an evening conversation with Martyna for several hours, while neglecting the other participants.

Yesterday various pacts were formed between David and Martyna. It took them to throw out the rubbish … Well, I and Magda were watching for an hour and we went to sleep, so probably longer. We felt really disappointed yesterday as we stood aside and hoped for an explanation, but nothing was mentioned about yesterday evening. I am waiting for the situation to develop. I believe that Dawid behaves differently in front of the camera and differently outside – said Agnieszka.

The girl presented her fears and observations directly to David, claiming that the farmer had pressure on the glass.

I have a feeling that you have a little pressure on the glass. I don’t think I trust my intuition.

Dawid denied these accusations and hoped that Agnieszka would change her mind.

Let’s see, we have a few more days. Maybe you will change your mind about me – he said.

And what did Martyna have to say about a romantic evening with the farmer?

The end of my evening conversation with David is such that we have a lot in common – thinking about the future together, but also shared experiences from the past.

In Mr. Józef, on the other hand, a playful erotic thread appeared again. The farmer was waking up his bride when he heard Apolonia’s voice from behind the door, screaming for the man not to enter the room because she was … naked.

No, no, I’m naked – exclaimed the participant of the show.

Józek could not miss such an opportunity and offered his friend his help:

Apolonia, I’ll help you get dressed. Come on, I’ll pull you over there – he said, amused.

What will be the next stage in the relationship between the elderly farmer and his bride?

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The Bardowski family from “The Farmer …” are building a house!

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