Prymula could be replaced by the deputy of the Brno hospital Blatný, he met with Babiš

Jan Blatný, a doctor and deputy of the University Hospital Brno, could become the new Minister of Health. Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (YES) did not want to comment on any specific names, but in the afternoon he met with Blatný, whom he received at the Office of the Government.

“I proposed a new candidate for minister to the president, he will accept him on Tuesday and I hope he will like him, because he is a man who has extensive experience in healthcare,” Babiš said at a press conference after talks with President Miloš Zeman. He also stated that the new adept is a doctor who has extensive professional practice and experience from abroad.

The prime minister also said that he had already presented Zeman with a CV of the new candidate so that he could learn more about his qualifications. “I am convinced that the new candidate will fulfill his ideas and that he can hold the position very well,” Babiš stated.

The server provided information that Bymný could be Prymul’s successor, according to which Blatný’s biography was shown to Babiš Zeman in Lány. Unofficial information that the new minister could be a doctor from Brno was also confirmed by the sources of the Aktuálně.cz editorial staff.

Meeting with Babiš

The fact that it could be Blatný is also indicated by the meeting that took place between him and the Prime Minister. In the morning, Babiš announced that one of the candidates was on his way to see him. In the afternoon, he received Jan Blatný at the Office of the Government, who did not want to comment on the reasons for the meeting with the Prime Minister for the journalists present.

Jan Blatný is a pediatric hematologist, focusing on the treatment of children with this blood clotting disorder. He is the head of the Department of Pediatric Hematology and Biochemistry and the Medical Deputy for the Children’s Hospital of the University Hospital in Brno.

David Feltl, director of the General University Hospital in Prague, also received an offer of a ministerial post. However, he told Czech Television (ČT) that he had rejected it. There seem to be several candidates. There was also speculation in the public sphere that Prymula could be replaced by ex-minister Miloslav Ludvík (ČSSD), who, with the support of ANO, unsuccessfully ran in the Senate elections in October. According to ČT, however, he did not receive an offer.

According to the server Message list Jaroslav Štěrba, head of the University Hospital Brno, also received a similar offer. “There were more of us like that. We talked without obligation with the Prime Minister. I still want to stay in medicine in Brno. This allows me to keep my outpatient clinic and part-time work at the clinic,” he told the server.


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