Promoting HIV/AIDS Prevention in Madiun City: Cross-Program and Cross-Sector Coordination Meeting

A cross-program and cross-sector coordination meeting was held to promote HIV/AIDS prevention in Madiun City, Thursday (7/12). The Chair of the Madiun City PKK TP, Yuni Setyawati Maidi, was seen giving a briefing followed by a group photo. [sudarno/bhirawa].

Madiun City, Bhirawa.

Tackling the spread of HIV/AIDS requires a collective role. Therefore, a cross-program and cross-sector coordination meeting was held to promote HIV/AIDS prevention in Madiun City, Thursday (7/12).

The coordination meeting was held simultaneously to commemorate World AIDS Day this year. The coordination meeting which took place at the Aston Hotel was also attended by the Head of the Madiun City PKK Mobilization Team, Yuni Setyawati Maidi.

“Tackling HIV/AIDS is in accordance with the Mayor’s third mission. “Namely, improving the quality of life of the community,” said the Chair of the Madiun City TP PKK, Yuni Setyawati Maidi.

Commemoration of World AIDS Day needs to be carried out to increase public awareness of the dangers of the HIV virus. Apart from that, it also increases understanding of the transmission of the HIV virus and how to deal with it.

The hope is that society will become more alert and careful without isolating people with HIV/AIDS or PLWHA. Discrimination against PLWHA is still a big homework in the country.

“This certainly requires our joint role. “Not only from a health perspective, but also from the educational and religious sectors,” he said.

The government continues to make efforts to find and treat PLWHA. One of them is by routinely conducting checks on at-risk groups and key populations. Every prospective bride and groom couple is also tested for HIV.

The hope is that those who are infected can be identified early so that the spread can also be controlled. The government also provides regular assistance for sufferers. The hope is that they will not give up and continue to be enthusiastic about taking medicine.

“Those who are HIV positive should not be ignored. However, you must be given assistance and support regularly and don’t stop taking your medication. “This is important so that the virus in the sufferer’s body can be controlled,” he explained.

On that occasion, a seminar was also held by presenting a number of competent speakers. The activity is expected to increase public understanding of HIV/AIDS, especially in Madiun City. [dar.gat]

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