Controversy Surrounding Closure of Prinsenmeer Holiday Park: Is It Still Possible to Book a Holiday?

It appears to still be possible to book a holiday via the website of the Prinsenmeer holiday park in Ommel. On Wednesday it was announced that the park of the Oostappen Group of reality star Peter Gillis must be closed immediately after the outcome of a Bibob investigation. This investigation shows that there is a risk that the owner will use his permits for criminal purposes.

Holidaymakers must leave the site before Saturday. People who live permanently and therefore illegally in the park must also leave. In any case, they will have until sometime in January to find something else, the municipality said.

Weekend trip
It is unknown what happens to people who have already booked a holiday on Prinsenmeer. It seems clear that the holiday cannot go ahead, but it is not known whether money has already been refunded.

In any case, it was still possible to book a weekend in Prinsenmeer on Thursday afternoon. We chose an overnight stay in March and immediately received an email: “We look forward to welcoming you to our Prinsenmeer holiday park.” The costs for the overnight stay have also been debited.

No solution yet
Peter Gillis says that his lawyers are currently in discussions with the municipality. He is still looking for ways to reopen the park.

He does not know what happens to reservations that have already been partially paid. “That depends on the lawyers, but there probably won’t be many.”

Peter Gillis heard on Wednesday that his holiday park Prinsenmeer had to close:

2023-12-07 13:55:37

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