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Jonathan Christie’s Hopes for BWF World Tour Finals 2023 in Jakarta


Voting BWF World Tour Finals 2023 will take place Monday (11/12/2023). At that moment, Jonathan Christie I hope I don’t get the same pool as Anthony Sinisuka Ginting.

Not without reason, the 2023 French Open champion hopes so. This desire was motivated by both getting medals in the closing tournament of the year.

Jonathan himself is certain to get the second seed after the final Race to Finals ranking placed Kodai Naraoka in first place.

Meanwhile, Anthony Sinisuka Ginting is in sixth place on the list for the year-ending tournament. Thus, the opportunity to meet each other in one group is open.

For your information, BWF World Tour Finals implementing a group system, before the top two winners qualify for the semifinals.

Meanwhile, Shi Yu Qi and Li Shi Feng were ranked third and fourth, then Viktor Axelsen was in fifth position and Anders Antosen was ranked seventh, and Kunlavut Vitidsarn was ranked eighth.

“If possible, separate (different groups). What this means is that you can be in different groups, hopefully we can enter the semifinals together. But I don’t know what the draw will be (later),” said Jonatan to reporters when met at the PBSI National Training Center, Cipayung.

Regarding his current ranking, Jonathan personally never thought that he would be included in the top list in this tournament which will win a total prize of 2.5 million US dollars.

“Honestly, I didn’t think I would get a seed in the World Tour Finals, even yesterday I was in first (place). But because Kodai (Naraoka) won (so he came in second),” he said.

“There’s no pressure, because again, everyone who plays in the World Tour Finals is the same, the players are good and have beaten each other too. So seeding doesn’t really matter, it’s the same,” stressed Jonathan.

Apart from that, he was also not too surprised by the composition of the players BWF World Tour Finals who escaped. According to him, the badminton players who will appear in Hangzhou are indeed the best players.

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