Prof. Konstantinov pointed out the scandalous date of the 2-in-1 elections and what will happen to them

The presidential and parliamentary elections are already knocking on the door, and accordingly the calendar is rising above the heads of the deputies like a sword of Damocles over a Gordian knot. At the same time, according to an old Bulgarian tradition, it turned out that everyone understands elections and in this capacity they feel obliged to share their own, usually incorrect, considerations on the issue. Therefore, I have to put things in their place, he commented to “Labor“the mathematician Prof. Mihail Konstantinov.

There are four possible dates for the first round of the presidential election: October 24 and 31 and November 7 and 14. There are no other dates.

After the president said he would hand over the third term on August 27th, the political force happy with the term would submit a draft cabinet on September 3rd (Friday) at the latest. The bill will be debated in the National Assembly for at least a few days and will be submitted for voting between September 8th and 10th.

If this cabinet “passes” with the help of procedural tricks such as a reduced quorum, secret ballot and other tricks of rural sittings, parliamentary elections, and in particular 2-in-1 elections, this year there will be none.

However, if the cabinet fails in the vote, which will be logical and fair, the president must decree November 7 as the date for the second early parliamentary elections this year.

If, in the meantime, the parliament has determined that this will be the first round of the presidential election, we will have a 2 in 1 election on the sacred date of November 7 for the Orthodox Communists. Then, 104 years ago, a group of drunken revolutionary sailors took over the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, defended by a half-company of equally drunk Russian girls.

A signal for the sensory assault was given by a blank projectile from the cruiser Aurora. There are no other shells on the cruiser because it is under repair and the real shells have been removed from the board. In the assault, a sacrificial sacrifice is made: an impatient sailor is pinned down by a falling iron door.

Thus, the ensuing wild party, for which history is shyly silent, passes without it. However, it is known that the cellar in the palace, containing the best wines, was looted and expropriated.

Prominent commentators have already said that 2-in-1 elections – presidential and parliamentary – are almost unconstitutional. This, of course, is not true. Not only do they not contradict, but they are detailed in paragraph 5, point 5 (a) of the Additional Provisions of the Electoral Code. Another issue is that machine voting has already repelled 600,000 Bulgarians from going to the polls on July 11th.

Machine voting will repel even more people in the 2 in 1 elections on November 7, when Ginka’s grandmother from Gintsi will have to scroll 4 screens and choose several options in the voting process. That’s why Grandma just won’t vote.

The right to vote is one of the most important constitutional rights. Smart and beautiful Bulgarian politicians have already deprived more than half a million Bulgarians of this right on July 11.

Now they are going to do this with another half a million Bulgarians on November 7. Therefore, I will remind you that when the people are systematically deprived of the right to vote with ballots, they may decide to vote in another way. For example, like the revolutionary sailors in St. Petersburg 104 years ago.



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