Federal Government Begins Mailing Free Home COVID-19 Tests Amidst Spike in Hospitalizations

Federal Government Begins Mailing Free Home COVID-19 Tests Amidst Spike in Hospitalizations

Starting this Monday, the federal government has once again begun mailing free home COVID-19 tests to those who request them.

This announcement comes in the wake of a spike in coronavirus hospitalizations across the country over the summer.

Erick Cediel, who works in a hospital, tells us that it is an excellent idea given the increase in cases in recent months.

“It seems very good to me because right now winter is starting and everyone is starting to get sick. I work here at the hospital, people come for a Covid test and they are no longer doing it, so I think it is a very good idea,” said Cediel.

And always keep in mind that vulnerable groups may also be more susceptible, especially with new variants.

“You always have to be careful, not only for yourself but for your family, you also have to take care of them,” Cediel added.

-May we not forget the elderly?

“Yes, of course, especially older people.”

The Department of Health and Human Services has made an investment of $600 million in the manufacture of new tests.

For New York City, the latest data available on a daily average reported 1,244 people positive for coronavirus, including a majority of 374 daily cases in Queens County.

Many of the programs to get tested, receive treatment and vaccination for free disappeared this year when the emergency declaration for the pandemic expired.

This is the fifth relaunch of the home testing initiative as authorities prepare for the possible increase in cases with the arrival of winter.

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With the arrival of low temperatures, many people also tend to confuse the symptoms between the common flu, the respiratory syncytial virus and the coronavirus, which is why we must be prepared with the tests.

“There are many infections, there are many people who are sick but we don’t know because they say it’s just the flu but it’s not the flu, it’s just that Covid is going to come again,” said Freddy Delgado, a resident of Queens.

And remember that to request your free coronavirus test you can visit the site covidtest.gov and if you have some that you received previously you can check the expiration date.

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