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Prof. Gerdjikov: Why do the rulers think that they can so easily push Ivan Geshev

Prof. Ognyan Gerdzhikov

I do not know why the government assumes that they can so easily replace the Prosecutor General, said for bTV the former caretaker Prime Minister and former head of the National Assembly Prof. Ognyan Gerdjikov. “Simple arithmetic shows that this is very difficult to do. It will be a blow in the air.”

“I do not deeply understand the fixation in the Prosecutor General and the specialized justice. It is as if this is judicial reform. I absolutely do not understand that, “Gerdjikov said.

“The chief prosecutor is the administrative head. Prosecutors are the ones who can bring charges. My explanation for the fixation with the main one
He is a prosecutor that he is connected with the current government of GERB and the figure of Boyko Borissov “, Gerdjikov commented.

Asked to comment on the words of Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev that the government wants to fight corruption with newspaper clippings, Gerdjikov said that “if it is dark, corruption will flourish.”

“Corruption must be clarified, if it is dark, it will flourish. If things are clarified, it will not grow easily. There is corruption everywhere, the issue is to minimize it as much as possible, “Gerdjikov said.

Regarding the comments against the specialization of justice that it does not work effectively, Gerdjikov said he was surprised because in reality the National Assembly works most inefficiently.

“Our parliament is constantly writing low marks.
Adopts a law today, after 2 months makes an amendment and so on. “Let us close this parliament if it works so badly,” Gerdjikov said.

He also commented on the planned changes to the Constitution. “What does this change require?” Our Constitution is relatively decent. This constant desire to
change gives instability as an image of Bulgaria to the world. We must instill stability in the legislation, “the former prime minister added.

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