Production of the Morgan 3 Wheeler retro tricycle ends. It sells great

Since 2011, over 2,500 luxury Morgan 3 Wheeler luxury tricycles have been built. This made it one of the company’s most successful models focused on reminders of ancient times. However, production of the tricycle in question is now ending. The reason is the increasingly strict rules for the release of emissions into the air.

The company with a cart recalled an equally designed tricycle, which it once produced, between 1932 and 1952. After ten years of current production, however, 3 Wheeler must end.

The reason is emission standards. Next year, the license for the S&S fork engine powered by this unique Morgan expires. It meets the Euro 4 standard at most, and not the newer one. Instead of replacing it, the company decided to stop producing Wheeler 3 in 2021.

Morgan decided to say goodbye to 3 Wheeler. It will therefore offer a unique edition of the P101, referring in its name to the internal development name of the car (Project 101), which will be built in only 33 copies. The price is set at 45 thousand pounds without tax, ie about 1.3 million crowns. And all the pieces are already disassembled.

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