Prince Harry: Was the British royal family affected by the memoirs, and who is the least of the losers?

  • Daniel Ralph and Bernadette Ketrick
  • BBC

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A book on display in libraries, including an audio version of 15 hours and 37 minutes, four television interviews, and a special interview conducted by a magazine. The question is, what are the repercussions of Prince Harry’s memoirs on the British royal family?

King Charles

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The book presents a largely sympathetic portrait of King Charles. He is the best-looking of all members of the royal family.

Prince Harry’s remarks, which dealt with issues about his father, complemented what we already know about him, and also strengthened his image that many had about him.

The prince describes his father as a sensitive and bookish man who did his best to maintain an emotional bond with Harry in the aftermath of Princess Diana’s death.

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