Prince Harry: My father told me not to bring Meghan as Queen Elizabeth was dying

Tell that to King Charles Prince Harrythat his wife, Megan Markle, was not welcome at Balmoral on the day Queen Elizabeth died, according to the latest claim from the Duke of Sussex’s memoirs, according to the ‘Russia Today’ network, citing the Daily Mail.

In his new autobiography, Spear, Harry said his father had instructed him not to take his wife to visit Queen Elizabeth II, who was dying, citing “illogical and disrespectful” reasons.

Harry angrily responded to Charles’ snub: “Never speak of my wife like that!”, prompting the King to apologize now.

Harry, 38, and Meghan, 41, were in London for the WellChild Awards when the Queen’s health deteriorated at her Scottish home.

And at 1.55pm on 8 September, just 90 minutes after Buckingham Palace announced the Queen was unwell, a spokesperson for the couple confirmed they would be traveling together to Balmoral.

Hours later, however, a clarification was issued stating that the Duke would be traveling alone and flew on a private jet to Scotland, arriving at Balmoral shortly after the announcement of the Queen’s death.

Harry claimed in his memoirs that he received direct instructions from Prince Charles at the time not to bring Meghan. In a touching clip, the Duke describes how he learned of the Queen’s death after checking the BBC news website. But he was angry at his father’s request that he leave the Duchess of Sussex behind.

At the time, a source said Harry was still at Frogmore Cottage when he received a call from his father asking Meghan to stay home.

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A source said: “Charles has told Harry that it’s not right or appropriate for Meiyan to be at Balmoral at such a sad time.”

He added: “It was indicated that Kate would not be going and that attendance should be limited to immediate family members only.”

Upon his arrival at Balmoral, Harry was greeted by Princess Anne, who then took him to the room where the late Queen’s body lay.

The Duke left Balmoral after 12 hours of mourning with his father and brother. He was photographed alone in the back of his Range Rover on his way to Aberdeen Airport at 9.20am on 9th September.

In his memoirs, Harry outlined a series of conversations he shared with his father, in which Charles is said to have expressed negative feelings towards Meghan.

In a sensational statement, Harry accused his father of fears of being overshadowed by Meghan’s star and expressed his fears that he would have to support her financially.

Harry said Charles had warned him that his family “wasn’t made of money” and that he couldn’t provide for anyone else. But Harry felt that Charles’ anxiety was less rooted in economics and more in jealousy.

The prince said he ironically thought of telling his father that the cost of providing Meghan with food and shelter was minimal, given that she doesn’t have a big appetite and can make her own clothes.

And sources have said the King hopes one day to reconcile with his youngest son, despite the allegations leveled against him in the book, with the hope that Harry will attend his coronation on May 6.

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The royal family has so far remained silent on Harry’s allegations and palace sources have suggested the muck must clear before any reconciliation can take place.

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