“President who forgot his promise, people divided” Baek Jong-hoon, who left the Democratic Party

Baek Jong-hoon, Clinic in Suseong-gu, Daegu. [사진 수성구의회]

“Democratic Party, Human Depth and Ashitabi Rise”

Paik Jong-hoon (45), a member of the Daegu Suseong-gu, left the Democratic Party he had been in on the 13th. On the morning of that day, Rep. Paik submitted a notice of withdrawal to the Democratic Party via a post office registration and fax.

Rep. Paik said, “That Baek Jong-hoon wants to leave the Democratic Party, whom he loved today. I started political activities for the first time, and I have no choice but to leave the party where I am grateful for giving me the opportunity to take on a heavy position as a member of the legislature, and the pain and sorrow that cannot be expressed in words coexist.”

Rep. Paik said, “I wanted to be a weak force in changing Daegu, which was afraid of changes in new things. So I gave up my education and joined the Democratic Party.” “In the presidential election held with the impeachment of the President, the current president was elected. I was able to occupy it.”

He said, “But over the course of two years, the Democratic Party and the President have forgotten their first promises.” “The promise at the time of President’s inauguration that’the opportunity will be equal, the process will be fair, and the outcome will be just’ He explained the reason for the withdrawal, saying, “It gave the people a greater disappointment through many incidents and accidents, including the Cheong Wa Dae case.

The Suseong-gu council, which was the only Democratic Party among the eight Gu/Gun basic councils in Daegu, was composed of 9 Democrats, 9 people’s power, 1 Justice Party, and 1 independent member.

Daegu Suseong-gu Council.  Central photo

Daegu Suseong-gu Council. Central photo

He said, “The promise of becoming the president of all of the Republic of Korea apart from the political party and ideology was not kept, and the people were divided by showing an unprecedented aspect of division and conflict,” he said. As I watched the insults of the victims in order to cover our side with sex crimes, I remembered the words of human depth and asitabi (我是他非·I am right and left wrong)”.

In addition, he said, “The small-going factions who delivered the right voice to the president and the party leadership and pointed out the problem left the Democratic Party one by one,” he said. I don’t think the Democrats are anymore.”

Regarding the future move, he said, “I will remain independent and think about how to serve the local residents and Suseong-gu residents,” he said.

A colleague Gu, a close friend of Parliament Baek, said, “Rep. Paik has been worried about the issues within the party since about a year ago,” and said, “I know that the decision to withdraw was purely due to personal disappointment, not political gains or losses.”

Paik, who graduated from Daegu Youngshin High School and the Department of German Language and Literature at Korea University, was a professor at Hanyang University and entered politics in 2015 while helping former Democratic Party lawmaker Kim Bu-gyeom.

Daegu = Reporter Kim Jeong-seok
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